Our E-Book ‘A Test of Character’ is launched!

Merry X-Mas! You can buy our 3 part essay ‘Soccer, Storytelling and German Movies’ as a one piece e-book now! (only in German, sorry):

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Germany thrashed Brazil 7:1 and BBC soccer commentaries teach us storytelling tools. We compared and analyzed the German and the British soccer commentary on the mindblowing game in Belo Horizonte. Why do the Brits thrill us a thousand times more than German Béla Réthy here? What can storytellers and filmmakers learn from the British commentary?

Thanks to the ‘Spiegel’ columnist Georg Diez, the e-book publisher 60pages launched our analysis. Georg Diez co-founded 60pages to publish longform journalism in a digital way (in German and English). You can read 60pages while waiting for your laundry or on a train ride from Hamburg to Berlin or between a business meeting and a candle light dinner. 60pages goes deeper than daily journalism and gives you unsuspected insights by linking topics that are usually not linked: like soccer and cinematic storytelling. www.60pages.com

Buy our e-book to find out how „oceans of space“ create suspense and how BBC commentators develop characters that stir us with tension. Read how the BBC commentators create the story of a character test, where Brazil have to climb mountains and redefine their goals. Find out how the Brits weave a web of meaning by using metaphors and identifying real dramatic conflicts. Find out how the British soccer commentary shows us universal mechanisms of the human condition by creating deep thematic conflicts.

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