An organ-eating maze, a daughter with gills and a harmony-seeking bunny

We had inspiring creative two months shaping these filmArche graduation projects. I was happy to coach Nat, Felix, Nils, Tobias and Obst!

Director: Felix Knoche
MELLY (13) drowned and returned as a mermaid. Her single mother HILDE (40), afraid of loosing her daughter again, would give everything to keep her at home. (Genre: Dark Drama).

"Thanks to Katti’s creative techniques that really made my water creature come to life!" – Felix

Weaving thieving spider fly
Director: Nat Tafel-Magnat
Eye for an eye, your life for my pie. After sneakily tasting food from a feast laid out at her dead patient's home, Maia, a doctor, is held prisoner there by a growing labyrinth of rooms with no exit door. Her organs will be devoured, unless she finds a way to repay her debt to the dark powers of the flat without losing her life. (Genre: Dark Drama).

"My breakthrough moment with Katti: learning to write my script in images and sound!" – Nat

Director: Nils Helling
Since his father hung himself, Nimo is locked up in a spirit world, where he must defend his house each night against gaunt creatures from the woods. After they break in, the 10-year-old has no choice but to find his way back to the real world before he disappears forever. The only path back leads through the place of his most terrifying memories. (Genre: Horror/Dark Drama).

"Thank you Katti for helping me turn my childhood fears into a dark and gritty movie script!" –Nils

Harmony Bunny
Director: Tobias Fitting
Fabian (24) is secretly in love with his new, lively flatmate Sophie, but fears he comes across as too nice. As he attempts to appear more mature and manly than he really is, he risks losing exactly what she most loves about him. (Genre: Comedy).

"Katti gave me many tools for giving my script depth and my characters life. Thanks to her workshops my whole comedy story became unique and funny" – Tobias

Inventing the wheel anew
Director: Obst
The 40 year-old Jenny and her younger brother Karl have been hanging on to their mother Andrea, since she has been admitted to hospital. As Andrea realises that she will never come out again, she takes a decision that will profoundly alter the family dynamics of the trio. (Genre: Drama).

"Many thanx that you killed my old script and that you got me to write it in a better way! ;-)" - Obst

Notes on "The trilogy of the interspatiality of love"
Director: Davide Crivelli When his muse (Jessica) reveals her past, a director (M.) feels compelled to shoot a film about her. Jessica goes on a quest for her identity until she loses everything‬. M., left alone and lost, feels like naked without her. (Genre: Experimental Dramedy).