BBC's soccer commentaries teach us storytelling tools - PART III

Soccer, Storytelling and German Movies

PART III: Falling Apart

Essay by Mark Wachholz and Katti Jisuk Seo (only in German, sorry)

From "a composed fashion" to a total "shambolic" chaos. This is how the brazilian team changes in BBC's story of the FIFA worldcup semi-final. Read our final part to find out how the British soccer commentary shows us universal mechanisms of the human conditon us by creating deep thematic conflicts.


In our 3-part analysis, we compared the German and the British soccer commentary on the mindblowing game in Belo Horizonte. Why do the Brits thrill us a thousand times more than German Béla Réthy here? What can storytellers and filmmakers learn from the British commentary?

  Photography by    Agência Brasil

Photography by Agência Brasil

In PART I OCEANS OF SPACE we analyzed how question-answer patterns, character's intentions and future predictions draw the audience in. We found out that the British commentary's courage to interpretation is crucial to thrilling storytelling.


In PART II A TEST OF BRAZILIAN CHARACTER  we found out how the BBC commentators create the story of a character test, where Brazil have to climb mountains and redefine their goals. Learn how the Brits weave a web of meaning by using metaphors and identifying real dramatic conflicts.