Katti is a German-Korean creative story consultant, scriptwriter & systemic coach, based in Berlin. She lived in Seoul, Istanbul and the Czech Republic. Katti studied History at Freie Universität Berlin and Scriptwriting at filmArche. Also, she completed a vocational training as a systemic coachKatti worked for the Screenwriters' Guild of Germany and for Erich Pommer Institut. She founded, coordinated and taught the filmArche International Summer and Winter School.

Katti invented 'The Magic of Misappropriation', 'The Lollipop of Contradiction', 'Ouroboros Storytelling' and many more scriptwriting tools. She coaches scriptwriters, filmmakers and other clients in one-on-one sessions and in group seminars. You can consult Katti for pitch papers, treatments, screenplays and other work. You can book creative online sessions with Katti via email and Skype or meet with her face to face.  As a systemic coach she will also gladly support you in other questions of life & business. 

As Katti specializes in Candy Drama she writes movies and series about heartbroken daddies, mutistic kindergarten girls, thumb sized football coaches and Korea's appreciation of poop.

Katti works in English and German.

Katti is a brilliant consultant with the ability of cunning analysis of both story and characters, and an understanding of the underlying purpose of the project. She also provides useful tools which is helpful in the subsequent process.
— Trond Berg-Nilssen | Producer LILYHAMMER | Oslo
Katti pushes your characters and your story world to a new level of vividness. Going beyond plot points and narrative arcs she unlocks your own gates of inspiration with exercises never seen before, colourful and charming guidance and a deep understanding of real life psychology and non-stereotypical storytelling.
— Mark Wachholz | Scriptwriter DRAKENSANG | Berlin
It was such a wonderful experience studying in Katti’s script development class. My students in Cameroon will profit greatly from the screenwriting experience I got from her.
— Mbuh Blaise Baneh | Filmmaker and Founder of Cameroon's first English film school | Yaoundé
Katti’s seminar gave me really powerful tools and a fresher view on the old ones. I specially loved how she emphasized the fact that a good screenwriter has to be a good observer of reality. Her method is engaging and surprising, it was quite an experience. I started using these techniques from day one after the classes, and I have used them ever since.
— Bruno Teixidor | Producer, Writer, Director THE COSMONAUT | Madrid
Where others recite from yet another’s guru’s textbooks Katti surprises you with her own completely unbiased and unique perspective on stories. She has always had the courage to pursue what you really can call new.
— Jan Buttler | Director LILLI | Berlin
Katti’s spectacular lecture absolutely thrilled us. Her deeply analytical view as well as her groundbreaking creative tools took us into entirely unexpected corners of the storyteller brain. A real eye-opener!
— Dr. Andreas Rapp | Marketing Project Manager | Maxus Germany